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(Background of this page is an actual photo of super-lustrous Cotswold fleece)


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Look For These Traits When Buying Cotswold Sheep:

  • American Cotswold Record Association (ACRA) Eligibility--125 years of uncompromised standards, verifying every pedigree for you through 5 or more generations.

  • Large Skeletal Frame--Mature weight when in show (fat) condition: Ewes at least 175 lbs. to over 220 lbs.  Rams at least 275 lbs. to well over 300 lbs.  [Broadfield's Pride, a great ram of the 19th Century attained a verified weight of 445 lbs.]

  • Profit-Oriented Conformation--Small heads, large hind legs, long body, deep chest, wide back, strong leg bones.  Thick, muscular tail stub, indicating larger loin chops.

  • Twins (or singles from all-twin parents and grandparents).

  • If Natural Color Is Sought, be sure to buy Black Cotswold Society-registered  stock (world's only registry of the unmixed Black Cotswold Breed of Sheep).

  • Uniform Fleece Wave Or Curl, white or cream-colored throughout.

  • Prominent, Wide-Set Eyes; wide muzzle for easy breathing and efficient grazing.

  • Rams: Masculinity--both testicles (of large-size) descended into scrotum, not too close to ground, wide nose (knob) hoarse rammy voice.

  • Ewes: Femininity--tight, smooth udder, high hips, deep roomy middle, narrow feminine face, no masculine hoarseness in voice.

  • Uniformity Of Flock--no flock is perfectly uniform, but "poor doers" if any, should stand out.  Beware of the flock in which only the "good" sheep stand out.  This is an important point:  Greatly varying shapes and sizes means little attention was paid to "future get," a shepherd's term for genetic reliability.  When lambs all look alike, you know what you're going to get from them as breeders.

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