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Strong Mothering

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This ACRA Cotswold ewe was determined to keep encouraging her first lamb to get to its feet and take a drink of milk, even while her second large lamb was being born!

That's the kind of mothering instinct every sheep flock needs.  It cuts out a ton of labor for the shepherd, and saves a lot of lambs that are born "when your back is turned."

Most ACRA Cotswold ewes give birth unassisted to big, vigorous lambs with proportionally small heads.

ACRA Cotswold sheep normally provide so much milk (and it's milk of exceeding richness) that---if fed too richly---ewes nursing only a single lamb can cause milk-overload in the lamb.

(Ewes with single lambs should either be fed a poorer diet than twinners, or half their milk should be milked daily, for use as a luxurious gourmet treat!)

Strong mothering also helps prevent ewes rejecting one or the other twin lamb---which also cuts down on labor and on expensive milk replacers.

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