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How Quickly Do ACRA Cotswolds Repay Your Investment?

It is quite possible to recoup an investment in ACRA Cotswold sheep after the first year.

It's even more likely by the second year, for any flockmaster who identifies local high-paying buyers and then sells to them.

Scroll down this page to see the "Dollars & Sense" of these statements.

Full Disclosure:  Purebred ACRA advantages consist mainly of their reliable high-dollar products, which attract eager, repeat buyers in every city and town where offered.  These high-paying buyers rarely frequent sub-wholesale outlets such as auctions, sale barns and wool "pools."

Flockmasters who insist on selling mainly at sub-wholesale outlets cannot expect to reap appropriate returns on special products from any pure breed or standardized crosses.

Observe these Cotswold traits that make quick money and repeat buyers:

  • Return #1:  Your newly-acquired 2-year-old Cotswold sheep may yield 8 to 14 pounds of heavily-skirted wool.  If sold for a very reasonable handspinner's price of $8 per pound, the return is at least $64 in raw wool alone, not counting skirtings sales.  If your sheep is a ewe, then her lambs' wool will yield about 3 to 5 lbs., at $10/lb. or more, or say about $45 from 1.5 lambs' wool.
  • Return #2:  A young Cotswold ewe will yield one to two lambs in her first production year, possibly each Growing To Be as valuable as Their Mother.
  • Return #3:  Cotswold "freezer-lambs" bring prices typically about $250 per head and up (plus the butcher fee) for 130-pound (liveweight) lambs.  For your consumer, this averages a very reasonable $7/lb. in the package.
  • Return #4:  Aside from the meat itself, the pelts (after being tanned at a cost of $50 to $70) typically sell for $100 to $150---net Pelt revenue of around $30-$75.
  • Return #5:  Each Cotswold ewe and her lamb(s) will produce 2400 lbs. of manure (not counting bedding) worth over $50 in nutrients alone at 2008 fertilizer prices.  Cotswold sheep thoroughly chew and destroy weed seeds, and the manure is "dry," due in part to its small size pellets (with little odor)---"clean" manure sells quicker to suburban gardeners, and at higher prices.

Cotswold expenses are similar to any other hardy breed of sheep---considerably less than many conventional breeds of sheep.

  • Expense #1:  As of 2007, the hay cost per ewe was about $42.
  • Expense #2:  As of 2007, grain cost per ewe with lambs was about $30.
  • Expense #3:  Properly cared-for Cotswold sheep's veterinary costs are typically very low, perhaps $5 each per year.
  • Expense #4:  About 7 hours of labor per ewe per year if lambing is outdoors in spring, higher if indoor winter lambing is practiced.  At a little above minimum wage, about $50.
  • Expense #5:  Shearing.  Depending on where you live this ranges from a low of around $2.75 per ewe, up to $20 per ewe, often 50% more for rams.  Cost is $5 per head or less in most sections (flockmasters can also shear their own sheep).

"Low-Estimate" Cotswold Returns

Net receipts                Net Costs    
Cotswold ewe fleece $64 Hay $42
1.5 Lamb fleeces $45 Grain $30
1.5 Lambs for meat $270 Vet Costs $5
1.5 Lamb pelts net $75 Labor $50
Manure value $35 Shearing $5

$489 per ewe per year

$132 per ewe per year

MINIMUM return (receipts minus costs) = $357/year.  Some growers report organic, kosher, halal, etc. at nearly double these prices.


"High-Estimate" Usual Breeds Returns

Net receipts                Net Costs
Typical ewe fleece (max) $8 Hay & Grain $72
1.5 Lamb fleeces (max) $6 Vet Costs $5
1.5 Lambs at auction (av.) $195 Labor $50
Manure value $35 Shearing $5
Return per ewe per year


Per ewe per year


MAXIMUM return (receipts minus costs) = $109/year


remember:  just owning Cotswolds does not mean buyers know you exist:  Join ACRA!

Make sure you have ACRA Cotswold sheep, and promote accordingly.  At least one ACRA Cotswold grower reported reaping over $2000 per year by leasing a few of her animals to a family of professional showmen.  That "show family" added the animals to their other breeds, multiplying overall winnings!

Bottom Line:  It is quite possible to recoup an investment in ACRA Cotswold sheep after the first year, even more likely in the second year, by identifying high-paying buyers and then selling mainly to them.

Here are three more reasons to prefer genuine ACRA Cotswold sheep:

1. Cut Costs With Easy-Keeping Cotswold Sheep
2. ACRA Cotswold Lamb & Mutton Have High Consumer Acceptance
3. Cotswold Wool---"Poor Man's Mohair"--- Sells For Excellent Prices

So ... it's time to enjoy ACRA Cotswold Advantages!

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