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(Background of this page is an actual photo of super-lustrous Cotswold fleece)


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Cotswold Wool Sells For Good Prices

  • Cotswold wool has good demand among handspinners for super-lustrous wool of great strength and durability.
  • Cotswold wool felts beautifully, especially-nice for making puppets and similar crafts.
  • A Cotswold ewe yields up to 15 pounds of rare, beautiful wool per year--rams & wethers up to 22 lbs.!
  • Raw Cotswold wool often yields 60% to 70% (or more) scoured weight!
  • Cotswold wool is exceedingly resilient and long-lasting for the highest-value heirloom-quality hooked rugs.
  • Cotswold wool is 8 to 12-inch length for the very best tapestries and warp threads.
  • Cotswold wool takes dye of all colors exceedingly well.
  • Cotswold wool typically sells from a low of $5 (raw) to nearly $100 per pound, depending on its degree of preparation.
  • Rarity makes Cotswold wool a real "find," often HOARDED by artisans.
  • Natural curls put Cotswold locks in high demand for santa claus beards and doll hair (Look at the background of this web page for a sample!)
  • Cotswold wool is naturally hypo-allergenic.
  • Here are three more reasons to prefer genuine ACRA Cotswold sheep:

1. Cut Costs With Easy-Keeping Cotswold Sheep
2. ACRA Cotswold Lamb & Mutton Have High Consumer Acceptance
3. Marketed Intelligently, Cotswolds Insure Quick Profits On Your Investment

So ... it's time to enjoy ACRA Cotswold Advantages!


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