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(Background of this page is an actual photo of super-lustrous Cotswold fleece)


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ACRA-registered Cotswold sheep provide the famous warm, curly pelts that human babies love to have their pictures taken on.  When processed into single-skin throws and rugs buyers commonly pay around $120-$200 apiece for them, mostly depending on size and pelt character.

Nice, big genuine ACRA-registered Cotswolds make extra-large pelts--with long, curly, shining ringlets--and consumers have been readily paying double to triple the price of ordinary tanned sheepskins.

This adds a hefty return on a grower's investment in ACRA-registered Cotswolds.  Modern machine washable pelts attract today's on-the-go buyers.

American sheepskin pelt tanneries are reporting good processing results on fleece lengths of up to 5 inches.  Some have successfully tanned pelts with up to 8 and even 9-inches of fleece!

A 4 to 5-inch fleece makes a very cozy seat in that wooden rocking chair, on car seats and other "too cool" furniture.

Of course, a long, fluffy sheep pelt makes an ideal backdrop for photos of babes (of all ages).

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