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(Background of this page is an actual photo of super-lustrous Cotswold fleece)


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Cotswold wool grows in long locks, very lustrous, curly, strong and highly durable.  A year's growth will average from 10 to 12 inches, weighing 12 to 20 lbs.  The color is a creamy white (historically, the "Golden Fleece of the Cotswold"), but stark white fleeces do occur.  Compare this photo (right) of shorn & unshorn ewes.


Handspinners, weavers & rug makers!

Cotswold wool spinning count can go from as low as 36s (40.2 microns) to as high as 46s (32.7 microns), but usually stays in the 40s to 44s range (38.09 to 34.4 microns) in carefully bred bloodlines.

Superior for warp threads, yet smooth, silky, lustrous and resilient indulgence for tapestries & blankets

Cotswold wool has been used for over 1000 years for traditional tapestries and other long-lasting furnishings of exquisite beauty.

Cotswold wool is frequently used in socks to strengthen the toe and heel areas--places that usually wear out when only ordinary slender-fibered wool is used.

Cotswold wool is used in special garments where durability and sheen are desired.

Rare and exquisite, wool from ACRA-registered Cotswold sheep gives hand-crafts artisans that special "seller's edge" needed to distinguish their products from cheaper factory-made and imported goods.

Many custom mills offer processing for Cotswold wool at reasonable prices that allow growers a good profit.

Cotswold wool--"Poor Man's mohair"--is absolutely great too, for low-cost, low-effort hand combing, spinning, weaving, knitting and felting into rare luxurious goods.

Cotswold wool is a real traffic stopper at fairs, festivals, historical exhibits, even at flea markets.

Avid craft users consume about 10 (to 100+ lbs.) annually at $8 to $15 per pound.

Cotswold wool is also sought for use in Santa beards, costume perukes (peruques--classical British-style wigs, and for doll hair.  Shiny Cotswold locks sell by the ounce.

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