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(Background of this page is an actual photo of super-lustrous Cotswold fleece)


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Bob Gillis: "Mr. Cotswold"
"Come to your feet,
     My golden dear;
"Be filled with milk,
     And persevere.

"We'll earn our shepherdess, this year,
"More silver than her purse might bear."


Taking care of two lambs is easy for rugged, milky Cotswold ewes with good mothering instincts.  Spunky lambs get right up and nurse, due to lots of attention and encouragement from mom.

Actual university tests identified ACRA Cotswold sheep and ACRA-sired crossbreds as having abnormally good feed-to-gain ratios.

This means it takes little feed to put on a high amount of  meat.

In places where fancy feeds are costly, yet grazing land is available, ACRA Cotswold sheep earn their keep and pay handsome dividends.

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