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Many commercial Cotswold flocks yean (give birth to) their lambs right on spring pasture or in cheap winter sheds, with little need for costly tight barns and excessive attention.  Once dried off, the lambs can endure surprisingly cold weather.
A large percentage of growers find their adult ewes do very well with little or no grain during gestation.

Yearling ACRA Cotswold ewes usually also don't need grain supplementation unless the hay is of poor quality.

Of the high-luster longwool breeds, only the Cotswold is considered a "hill breed," meaning they are hardy under poorer grazing and husbandry conditions than other high-luster longwool sheep, and don't need special treatment or store-bought luxuries.

Cotswolds are the easy-keepers among luster-wool sheep breeds, and can keep in good condition even in situations where other luster-wool breeds require costly supplementation.

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