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Easy-Keeping Cotswold Sheep Cut Costs

  • Cotswold flocks save money on costly housing and manpower.  Many Cotswold flocks are so hardy that they are brought indoors only for winter lambing; spring lambers run outside all year.
  • Cotswold sheep thrive on less grain and lower-quality hay than many other breeds.
  • Cotswold rams can grow to 300+ pounds on cheap grazing or hay and very little grain; ewes 170-230 lbs.
  • Cotswold's large pelvic structure makes easier lambing.
  • Cotswold sheep have healthy feet--rarely do they get foot rot.
  • Cotswold ewes are excellent mothers--very "milky" for high lamb survival.
  • Cotswold lambing rates are commonly 160% and over.
  • Cotswolds thrive on coarse grasses (many breeds need fine-blade pasturage).
  • Cotswolds respect fences better than practically any other breed of sheep.
  • Cotswold ewes are durable, often continue producing lambs past their 8th and 9th years.
  • Cotswold sheep are usually docile and calm.
  • Cotswold sheep spread out in their enclosure to fully graze paddocks in tight rotations, the husbandry method most specialty growers use.
  • Here are three more reasons to prefer genuine ACRA Cotswold sheep:
Three more reasons to prefer genuine ACRA Cotswold sheep:

1. ACRA Cotswold Lamb & Mutton Have High Consumer Acceptance
2. Cotswold Wool---"Poor Man's Mohair"--- Sells For Excellent Prices
3. Marketed Intelligently, Cotswolds Insure Quick Profits On Your Investment

So ... it's time to enjoy ACRA Cotswold Advantages!

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