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Cotswold Sheep Are "The Practical Longwool Breed"

  • Cotswold rams stamp every breed of ewe with the Cotswold's profit Traits:  Due to far more centuries of pure breeding than most breeds, Cotswold sheep are highly "pre-potent," a genetics term that means they pass their good traits unusually strongly to their lambs--even when crossed with other pure breeds of sheep.
  • Cotswold wool is unavailable in "bulk-commodity" trading.  This helps craft-workers fend off competition from Third World factory-made goods.  It gives artisans a rare product that commands higher prices. This in turn allows the Cotswold grower to receive a much more favorable price---several dollars per pound---for the wool.
  • As a rare breed, Cotswold sheep have much less competition in shows than the common breeds.
  • Cotswold sheep thrive where look-alike breeds fail
  • Cotswolds chew their food exceedingly well leaving manure devoid of weed seeds.  Sheep manure of course doesn't stink and draw flies like cattle, horse or hog manure.  It's also highly concentrated in fertilizing constituents, sought after for all natural, high-yield gardening and truck crops.
  • Here are a few more reasons to consider using genuine ACRA Cotswold sheep:
Four more reasons to consider using genuine ACRA Cotswold sheep:

1. Cut Costs With Easy-Keeping Cotswold Sheep
2. Cotswold Lamb & Mutton Have Extremely High Consumer Acceptance
3. Cotswold Wool---"Poor Man's Mohair"---Sells For Excellent Prices
4. Marketed Intelligently, Cotswolds Insure Quick Profits On Your Investment

So ... isn't it time you tried genuine ACRA Cotswolds?

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