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Cotswold Lamb & Mutton Have High Consumer Acceptance

  • Cotswold has gourmet clean-tasting, very non-gamy lamb and mutton (yet never "bland").
  • Cotswold sheep are seasonal breeders---very few complaints about "seasonally off-flavor meat."
  • Cotswold meat is lightly marbled---even when grass-fed.  Consumers report:  "Tastes like buttered beef--only much tenderer!"
  • No off-flavor in the fat or in the fell.  (The fell membrane is nature's own moisture-seal around larger cuts, and is often removed in strong-tasting breeds as a futile attempt to cut the gamy flavor).  Easy-to-sample Cotswold ground lamb and mutton have a clean, yummy flavor loved by all.  One taste and your customers are hooked!
  • Cotswold sheep have big leg-o-lamb and long loins--This Makes More Of The "luxury cuts" of meat!
  • Cotswold meat has high meat moisture for juicy, delicious dining.
  • Cotswold lamb is one of the most hypo-allergenic of meats:  Fight acne, hay fever, digestive problems, etc.
  • Cotswold lamb is 98% to 99% digestible, enjoyed by older consumers and convalescents.
  • Cotswold lamb is rapidly assimilated into the system--athletes love it.
Three more reasons to prefer genuine ACRA Cotswold sheep:

1. Cut Costs With Easy-Keeping Cotswold Sheep
2. Cotswold Wool---"Poor Man's Mohair"--- Sells For Excellent Prices
3. Marketed Intelligently, Cotswolds Insure Quick Profits On Your Investment

So ... it's time to enjoy ACRA Cotswold Advantages!

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