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An organized surrogate sheep registry was recently founded for the purpose of validating imported sheep that had no official pedigree papers, and to endorse crossing Black Cotswolds with Cotswold sheep---using improvised, official-looking "registrations."

Despite this, enthusiasm for genuine ACRA-registered Cotswold sheep (and for genuine BCS-registered Black Cotswolds) is on the rise all across America.

ACRA is excited about the promising future of the Black Cotswold breed of sheep.  ACRA encourages anyone interested in the Black Cotswold breed to contact the Black Cotswold Society for further information.

ACRA also kindly urges fallen and/or misled breeders of Cotswolds and Black Cotswolds to retain all documentation that may substantiate true ACRA lineage.  This simple precaution could assist in resolving discrepancies that currently bar some of their sheep from the original registries.

ACRA also gently reminds affected growers to reconsider and address these conflicts as soon as convenient, returning (if possible) to ACRA or the Black Cotswold Society.  It would be regrettable if good purebred flocks lost their chance at validation due to needless hesitation or procrastination.

For more information on the Black Cotswold breed of sheep please contact:

Linda Schauwecker,  18 Elm Street, P.O. Box 59, Plympton, MA 02367;  Phone: (781) 585-1639  FAX: (781) 585-2026  E-mail:

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